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The simplicity of beauty. When we chose our range of products we felt that haircare was becoming too complex.

We wanted to make things easier for our clients. Since early 2000 Swedish scientists developed the perfect professional products.

We let the performance of the products speak for itself and avoided hollow marketing claims.

We use only the ingredients we need; nothing more, nothing less. We are honest in our product information,

so everyone understands which ingredients we’ve used and why.

Our product philosophy combines style with substance, form with function. 

Our products help clients achieve a personal and professional look in the easiest possible way.

Each one is designed to produce an effortless look, enabling a confident, modern and personal twist.
Our performance-driven hair care products are straightforward and honest. They have clear and easy-to-understand benefits

and functional ingredients and are named precisely for what they do or what they are. 

We tell you why we use a product, and how it works.

This makes it easy to create beautiful hair every day and easy to select the right products.


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