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About Us

Eddy Valencia- Owner, Stylist

A familiar face in Hoboken, NJ, Eddy's hairstyling career began there in 1982. Spending 2 years successfully working with some very high profile names in Beverly Hills, Miami and New York, he decided to stay where he knew creativity would flourish, New York City. He made his way through many of the well known salons in Hoboken until 2004, when Sereine Salon was born.


His career choice was inspired by his love of art: "Originally I wanted to go to art school but realized I'd be working on computers instead of painting portraits, which is what I wanted to do as a career. Initially, I went into doing makeup before even attending school because it's very similar to art. Later, I returned to learn all the aspects of Beauty Culture."


His love for creativity and the fact that many clients trust him to decide what works best for their own individual look has kept him inspired for nearly 30 years.With such proven artistic ability and experience, Eddy can help you find what suits your face, lifestyle, and hair. His 'one on one' special attention to each individual client sets him apart from the rest, along with being described as being meticulous, driven, a perfectionist, passionately artistic and multicultural.


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